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Chocolate Hazelnut Cannoli

Chocolate-hazelnut has probably become one of the most popular dessert flavor-combinations out there, and it’s no surprise. Whether it’s ice cream, brownies, cookies or these cannoli, I don’t think there will be many objections. My cannoli are actually inspired by another chocolate-hazelnut confection; Perugina’s Baci chocolates. They are addicting with their creamy chocolate-hazelnut filling and whole hazelnut center.The baci are not only the inspiration for these cannoli, but are also chopped up and running through the filling. Perugina’s dark chocolate lines the rim of the shells, and chopped hazelnuts finish it off for some extra crunch.And of course, all cannoli need a little powdered sugar. Or a lot of powdered sugar.Pipe filling into cannoli shells, working from the center outwards on both sides of the shell. Cover exposed filling with hazelnuts. Dust shells with powdered sugar, and enjoy.

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