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Our contributor, Erin Gardner of Erin Bakes, is back with a new tutorial today! Start with a delicious cake recipe (like this chocolate peanut butter cake), a silky-smooth buttercream finish, and a firm-setting chocolate ganache. Make sure your cake is thoroughly chilled before applying your drippy ganache and work with confidence! Use a spoon to first add a few purposeful drips over the top edge of the cake. Next, pour more ganache on the top of the cake, pushing it just to the edge with a small offset spatula. Gently tap your cake stand against the surface of your table to smooth out any lines left behind by the spatula and so that a little bit more of the ganache spills over onto the sides of the cake.Pick your palette.  For my cake I chose to stick with colors, textures, and candy related to the flavors and colors already occurring in my cake – chocolate and peanut butter. chocolate coated nuts, shimmery yellow sixlets, star candies and teeny tiny edible gold stars.

Get the full recipe here:

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