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This peanut butter chocolate pretzel cake holds special significance to me and it’s only made once a year for a special person.I had made a peanut butter chocolate cake for Sam’s pre-treatment gathering a couple years ago. Knowing that peanut butter chocolate was Sam’s favorite flavor, I hoped he’d be able to enjoy a slice, but understandably, he didn’t have the appetite for it.I doubled Ina’s cake recipe since my pans are 9 inches wide and I wanted three layers for an impressive cake. You can use whatever pans you like, but make sure to leave room in the pan for it to rise.This peanut butter chocolate pretzel cake was a slightly different than others because I had a cake stand (hooray!) and some new cardboard cake rounds. The rounds make transporting the cake much easier but still shows after you frost the cake.Once you’ve finished frosting your cake, it’s time for the pretzels! Just like when laying tile on your kitchen backsplash, start at the bottom.

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