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They say threes a crowd, but that’s not the case with Ruffles, which are made with three of my most favourite things- coconut, raspberries and chocolate. They’re sweet, rich and fruity all at the same time, and so damn delicious! I could never turn down a raspberry Ruffle, These bars have a rich tropical flavour with a sweet coconutty aroma, but the rich, raw dark chocolate adds a real touch of decadence. The centre is mix of sweet coconut and delicious coconut cream, with a dash of zingy raspberry powder, and it melts-in-your mouth thanks to a couple of generous spoonfuls of this amazing Sri Lankan coconut oil, which is extra smooth, extra coconutty, and extra good for you thanks to it’s saturated fats!Raw Chocolate Coating-150g Loving Earth Dark Chocolate OR use my ‘Coconut Caramel Patties’ chocolate recipe.Leave to harden in the fridge again before eating. They will keep for 2 weeks in an air-tight box in the fridge.

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