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Combining brownies with a classic Snickers bar results in an incredible dessert experience. A thick triple chocolate brownie base, layered with gooey caramel, nutty marshmallow nougat, and topped with creamy chocolate. Once you try these over the top Snickers Brownies, you will be hooked!These brownies begin with all time favorite base, with one minor adjustment – half the semisweet chocolate is swapped out for unsweet chocolate. This recipe is excellent when you want to sink your teeth into a thick, fudgy brownie. I turn to it anytime I have a craving for chocolate. You are going to love the richness. It’s so dense and fudgy, with intense chocolate flavor.A nutty marshmallow nougat layer goes on top of the caramel. Crunchy peanut butter, marshmallow fluff, and creamy nougat combine to make this irresistible layer.And lastly, a rich creamy ganache coats the top, adding to the bars decadence.

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